What To Put in Golden Easter Eggs 2024? Easter Egg Fillers

What To Put in Golden Easter Eggs 2024

As Easter approaches, many families look forward to the annual tradition of decorating and hiding Easter eggs for their children to find. While plastic eggs filled with candy and small toys are common, some families take it a step further by creating special “golden” eggs filled with more substantial prizes. These coveted golden eggs add an extra layer of excitement to the Easter egg hunt.

If you plan to make golden Easter eggs this year, the filling possibilities are endless. You could include cash, gift cards, tickets to a special event or activity, jewelry, or other small gifts tailored to each child’s interests. For younger children, opt for classic toys like action figures, dolls, art supplies, or books. Older kids and teens may appreciate electronics like wireless headphones or portable chargers. The key is choosing items that will delight and surprise your children on Easter morning.

No matter what you decide to put inside, golden Easter eggs create a sense of anticipation and make the Easter egg hunt even more thrilling. With a little creativity, these special eggs can become cherished Easter traditions your family looks forward to year after year.

List of Awesome Easter Egg Fillers 2024

Miniature Puzzle Pieces:

Break the monotony of traditional egg fillers with miniature puzzle pieces. Kids can collect these pieces throughout the hunt and then assemble them to reveal a surprise image or message at the end.

Temporary Tattoos:

Kids love temporary tattoos! Include a variety of Easter-themed designs inside the eggs for a fun and colorful surprise. These are sure to be a hit with children of all ages.

Bouncy Balls:

Add a little bounce to your Easter egg hunt with colorful bouncy balls. These affordable fillers come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them perfect for hiding inside eggs.


Stickers are a timeless favorite among children. Choose Easter-themed stickers featuring bunnies, chicks, eggs, and flowers to delight kids of all ages. They can decorate their eggs or use them to adorn notebooks and crafts.

Miniature Toy Figures:

From tiny animals to superhero characters, miniature toy figures make excellent Easter egg fillers. Kids will love discovering these tiny treasures hidden inside colorful eggs.

Finger Puppets:

Encourage imaginative play with adorable finger puppets. Choose Easter-themed puppets like bunnies, chicks, and lambs to add an extra element of fun to your egg hunt.

Glow-in-the-Dark Toys:

Create an unforgettable egg hunt experience with glow-in-the-dark toys. These unique fillers will add excitement to nighttime hunts, and kids will love watching their treasures light up in the dark.

Seed Packets:

Inspire a love for gardening with seed packets as Easter egg fillers. Choose seeds for colorful flowers or easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs. Kids can plant them after the hunt for a fun and educational activity.

Miniature Books:

Feed young minds with miniature books tucked inside Easter eggs. Look for pocket-sized stories or activity books featuring Easter themes to keep kids entertained long after the hunt is over.

DIY Craft Kits:

Encourage creativity with DIY craft kits as Easter egg fillers. Include supplies like beads, string, foam shapes, and stickers for kids to create their own Easter-themed crafts. This activity will keep them busy and engaged long after the egg hunt ends.

Age Wise Easter Egg Fillers

Easter egg hunts are a delightful tradition, but choosing the right fillers can be tricky.  This listicle offers a basketful of ideas to cater to various ages and interests, ensuring everyone gets a hoppy Easter surprise!

For the Little Ones (Ages 1-4):

Sensory Delights: Fill eggs with colorful crinkly paper, jingle bells, or safe, washable beads.

Mini Plush Friends: Tiny bunnies, chicks, or other soft toys are perfect for little hands to cuddle.

Sweet Treats: Opt for sugar-free chocolates, yogurt melts, or goldfish crackers for a healthier alternative.

Bath Time Fun: Mini bath bombs, rubber duckies, or finger puppets add a splash of joy to bath time.

Stickers: Stickers featuring Easter themes, animals, or smiley faces are always a win.

For the Budding Creatives (Ages 5-8):

Arts & Crafts Supplies: Mini crayons, colored pencils, or small packs of playdough spark imaginations.

Activity Books: Mazes, coloring pages, or mini sticker books provide on-the-go entertainment.

DIY Kits: Small seed-planting kits or friendship bracelet kits encourage creativity.

Foam Stamps: Brightly colored Easter-themed stamps add a festive touch to cards or drawings.

Bubbles: Small bottles of bubbles add a touch of whimsy to the Easter egg hunt.

For the Adventurous Bunch (Ages 9-12):

Mini Games: Card games, mini puzzles, or wind-up toys offer a quick challenge.

Slime or Putty: These tactile toys provide endless entertainment and come in vibrant Easter colors.

Jump Ropes: Encourage outdoor play with colorful jump ropes.

Playing Cards: A mini deck of cards is a portable and fun way to spend time with friends.

Glow Sticks: Light up the night with glow sticks for an extra dose of Easter magic.

Don’t Forget the Grown-Ups!:

Small Seed Packets: Herb or flower seeds are a thoughtful and sustainable gift.

Lottery Tickets: A small lottery ticket adds a touch of excitement to the hunt.

Coffee or Tea Samples: Miniature packs of their favorite coffee or tea flavors are a delightful surprise.

Bath Bombs or Bath Salts: Promote relaxation with luxurious bath bombs or soothing bath salts.

Gift Cards: Tuck in a small gift card to their favorite store or coffee shop for a personalized touch.

Bonus Round: Sustainable Fillers:

Homemade Playdough: Create colorful playdough using natural ingredients for a fun and eco-friendly option.

Seeds for Planting: Encourage gardening with small seed packets of vegetables or flowers.

DIY Seed Paper: Make plantable Easter egg decorations using recycled paper and wildflower seeds.

Natural Craft Materials: Pinecones, colorful leaves, or small pebbles can be used for creative projects.


Consider any allergies when choosing fillers, especially for younger children.

Balance sweet treats with non-candy options to promote healthy habits.

Wrap small toys or candies individually to prevent choking hazards.

Get creative! Repurpose small containers or natural materials for unique and eco-friendly fillers.