100+ Best Easter Puns and Easter Jokes 2024 to Crack You Up

70+ Best Easter Puns and Easter Jokes 2022 to Crack You Up

Happy Easter Jokes: Easter 2024 is just a couple of days away and you can already see a great zing on the faces of people for its celebration. Though we celebrate Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion on Good Friday, there is little to no harm in cracking yourself and others on easter by sending easter puns and funny easter jokes.

While the kids in your family ought to be on the hunt for Easter chocolate eggs and adults busy in celebration preparation on easter, you can compile some crankiest easter puns and funny easter jokes that will make sure everyone has the happiest Easter celebration. Check out the most intriguing Easter egg puns and easter bunny puns below and snap the best ones right away.

Happy Easter Puns & Jokes 2024

Who called it easter and not the Jesus Christ 2.0?

Eggs-cuse me miss? Could you give me some space to move on?

This easter I am going to take the pledge of eating eggs and eggs-ercise a lot to keep myself healthy.

Why ghosts don’t like to eat easter eggs? They are terri-friend of eating them.

Happy Easter Puns & Jokes 2024

Seems like everyone in the town is quite egg-cited for celebrating easter!

Instead of hopping here and there a lot on easter, you must stand still, bow your head, and pray to Jesus.

He was drinking like a mad man on easter, I simply carrot believe it.

Though easter is more of a religious festival, I like to listen hip hop to celebrate it.

Easter is such a fine day to take care of hare. You get to meet a lot of people and everyone will surely notice your appearance.

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I don’t know about others but I am eggs-tremely excited for easter celebration.

Who called it easter and not hare care day?

Some-bunny should definitely do something about kids. They just ask for easter chocolate eggs all day long.

If you are not interested in giving any contribution to easter celebration planning, don’t yolk with me.

Somebody said to me that you easter jokes are quite bunny.

I am not in a mood to listen any eggs-cuses right now.

Funny Easter Jokes 2024

I haven’t seen any-bunny as romantic as you are.

You have certainly done an eggs-traordinary job for the easter celebration.

Why are you worrying? You should be hoppy that I am here to help you out.

Some-bunny is my family is sneaking on me while I am secretly preparing for the easter celebration.

I have reached to a point where I don’t carrot at all what others are saying.

I genuinely wish you have an egg-ceptional happy easter 2024 celebration!

Can you eggs-plain to me why my easter party guest list is not ready yet?

I just carrot believe she is going to wear the same dress as I have.

I am desperately hopping that you have a very hoppy easter!

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Can you eggs-plain it to me, why did you eat all my easter chocolate eggs?

I am literally dying to know the history and origin of easter festival.

Some-bunny is quite crazy about you!

I am quite an optimistic person. I always look at the bunny side of the things.

It is your responsibility to make the easter celebration completely eggs-tatic.

I have been calling you since morning. Why are you egg-noring my calls?

Funny Easter Jokes 2024

Preparing for the easter celebration has eggs-hausted the heck out of me.

This easter I am going to dance with some-bunny who dreams about me only.

Hey, I am still hopping to go on a date with you.

Is my hare looking good? I am going to eggs-hilarte someone on easter with my stunning appearance.

The man sitting besides me was complaining till the end during dinner? He said there was a hare in his drink.

What is common between a easter bunny and a calculator? They both multiply rapidly.’

It is quite difficult to survive along in this world. Everyone needs some-bunny to love and beloved.

I am not going to let you eat all easter chocolate eggs until you give me eggs-plaination about where you spend all my money.

If you can’t hope well, at least hop well.

There is no bunny in the world who doesn’t love to gobble easter chocolate eggs.

What does the one bunny told to another bunny on easter? I hop you have an amazing easter!

The moment I came to know my hare is in terrible condition I immediately called saloon to get an appointment.

What is the most romantic thing a husband can say to his wife on easter? No bunny can look as sexy and beautiful as you.

Agree or not, you and both have egg-normous inclination towards yummy chocolate easter eggs.

I wish you all an eggs-celent easter and hopp-ful spring ahead.

If you can’t run, hop. But never stop.

After uttering the wedding vows, they lived hoppily ever after.

If easter is celebrated for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, isn’t it should be called eggs-surrection?

I want my easter cake egg-sactly the way I told you it to be.

Easter puns

If one gets excited seeing delectable easter chocolate eggs, that person should be called eggs-thralling.

The reason why I loose the eating competition because I got eggs-tremely scared of catching diarrhea.

Nothing is nothing greater than love of a friend. However, the love of friend with an easter egg chocolate is much better.

It was not such a happening easter party.Why are you eggs-aggerating the things?

You should eggs-ercise atleast twice a day after eating so many easter chocolate eggs.

Easter is all about hatching great plans and keeping your hare game to the T.

Don’t you like my arrangements for the party? Are you seriously egg-noring my easter celebration party?

I have made this flavorsome dish eggs-clusively for you. Don’t share it with others.

This guy can rib-tickle my funny bone anytime. He has such an egg-cellent compilation of fresh jokes!

More than white chicks, I like ebunny girls. They have hot buns.

It is turning out to be such a bad hare day for me.

The colorful easter chocolate eggs will surely make easter egg-citing for kids.

Funny Easter Jokes 2024

As I am a diabetic person, my mom strictly told me to be eggs-tra careful while eating chocolates on easter celebration. 

The reason why I don’t let anyone interfere in my easter party preparation is because I like eggs-treme challenges.

I sneakily eat all the pancakes made by my mother. Now I own him an eggs-planation.

It seems like I celebrated last year easter day, yesterday. I carrot believe it’s easter already.

To get quickly flexible for the easter celebration, you must take hare-obics classes right away.

Do you know why easter bunny hairs look so silky and smooth? Because he uses hare brush.

The party is about to begin and my hairs is still dry, I must use hare-dryer to get ready swiftly.

Don’t worry my dear! Some bunny will be there for you to celebrate easter together.

I just carrot withstand people who have bad hare even on easter.

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Funny Easter Jokes 2024

What are the Easter eggs for?
Not just for curiosity while if you eat them, you can give birth to chickens. The same ones from which these Easters eggs come from!

How you can make Easter bunnies your friends?
Just give them carrots of your neighbor’s garden, and they are your friends.

Why people eat turkeys on Easter?
Because Jesus knows you are lazy. That’s why he wants you to eat turkey provide you run fast! Jesus Christ is smart man!

Funny Easter Jokes 2024

Why do we celebrate Easter with family and friends?
Just because we can manage party fund. That’s the only reason!

Why there is Easter eggs hunt competition?
It is there for egging out dumb people!

Why are Easter bunnies there?
Due to their high fertility rate. Men get encouraged and wives are happy! Don’t you want so!

Why we celebrate Easter in different ways and traditions?
Because Jesus Christ already knew we are separatists!

What do people do on Easter holidays?
They just waste their time as usual!

Why chocolates girls love to eat most on Easters?
Dark chocolates!

What Jesus said when he resurrected?
Oh again in this world! Phew!

What people pray for on Easter?
Lots of amount of money, best house than neighbor!

What is the message of Easter
Love. Damn! It is the message of everything and nothing is happening!

What Easter bunnies hate most? Don’t call them hares?

What movie family watches on Easter? Hop!

Which movie Easter bunnies love most? Hank and Mike!

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Easter Jokes for Adults

What did a hot girlfriend say to her boyfriend on Easter? Nail me!

Why Jesus went to the hotel on Good Friday? Maybe he didn’t like to hang on cross.

Why Bodybuilders love Easter so much? Because they get to eat as many eggs as they want.

Easter Jokes for Adults

Why female bunnies love Easter so much? Because male bunnies gift them 22 carrot gold.

What do you call a person with no zeal to celebrate Easter? An un-bunny chad.

What most of the young couples do on Easter night? They hop and hop on the bed.

What do you call a person who have eggs all the time? Eggli-potent.

What does a wife needs when she doesn’t find all the Easter chocolate eggs on the table? Eggs-planation.

What do baby bunnies have in breakfast on Easter? Carrots  and buns

How does bunnies stay fit after Easter after eating so many candies? Hare-robics.

What Adults do on Easter?
They do nothing except preaching things?

What husbands want on Easter?
They all want to become bunnies?

What wives love to do on Easter?
They love to cook their husbands like turkeys!

What Easter bunnies’ message to people?
Maintain your fertility rate! Don’t ruin it just!

What is the tragedy with Jesus Christ?
He thinks when he was alive, none listened to him and when he is not; everyone celebrates his death! Petty world!

What God said to Jesus Christ when he sent him to the earth?
People are dumb there on earth. They only believe in magic. That’s why Jesus had to die to resurrect!

How you can kill someone on Easter?
Just give them a lot of chocolates to eat!

Why people celebrate Easter?
That’s how you can listen to Christ because people don’t come to Church!

What prayers Jesus Christ most receive from people?
They all say that they are all lost!!! And Christ says I don’t want to get lost in them!

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Easter Bunny Jokes

What do you call  a moment when a bunny has done something exceptional? Hare-oics.

What do you call a bunny who cracks hilarious jokes? A funny bunny

Easter Bunny Jokes

What kind of music Easter bunnies love to listen? HIP-HOP

If humans go to honeymoon after marriage, where does bunnies go to? Bunnymoon

What’s the best for a bunny to become fit. Be a runny bunny.

What do you call a bunny with extraordinary intelligence? Brainy-bunny!

What services do Easter bunnies utilize to connect with each other? HAREmail!

What does Easter bunnies and Easter eggs have in common? Easter!

Which game Easter bunnies like to play the most on Easter? Hippy-hippy Hop!

Why there are no pre-historic animals on Easter celebration? Because they are eggs-tinct.

Why bunnies are smart?
Because they can pregnate and get pregnated quickly and easily!

What magical thing Easter bunnies can do?
They can hatch Easter eggs!

What song Easter bunnies sing on the day?
Resurrect, resurrect, resurrect… resurrect from the bed oh crying doll. This is for all the people!

What Jesus told to Easter bunnies? Don’t come near me!

Why Easter bunnies are innocent? Because they are all psychopaths?

What tradition Easter bunnies like? Baking and mating!

Why bunnies don’t attend Easter parade? Because they love to make love!

What dream Easter bunnies want to fulfill? They want to eat jelly carrots!

How Easter bunnies produce so many babies? Just by rolling!

Why Easter bunnies’ hips do? They don’t lie!

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Easter Dad Jokes

What dads do on Easter? They become father again!

What dads are not good at? Plaiting their daughters’ hairs!

What dads do with Easter eggs? They make the omelets of them!

What do dads do on Easter? They just don’t bathe!

What something dads should not do with their children on Easter? Preaching and commanding them!

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Easter Eggs Jokes

It is too dangerous to crack funny jokes in front of Easter eggs. What if they crack up after hearing them?

Easter is the only festival when you can actually dare to put all your eggs in one basket because the chances of stealing goes down when you have all in one basket.

What Easter eggs talk about when they are in one basket? Hey yolks! How’s your day?

Which day Easter eggs hate the most? Fry-day.

What compliment you will give to an Easter egg which tastes yummy? Eggs-cellent!

What Easter eggs represent? Making new life. That’s why all become bunnies!

What is the other use of Easter eggs? You can throw them at anyone!

What you can make of Easter eggs? Bake them and make a cake of them!

Easter eggs make you what? Intelligent!

What you can special do with Easter eggs? You can lay with them!

Easter Knock-Knock Jokes

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Jesus Who?
Jesus Christ! Where are my Easter chocolate eggs!

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Anderson Who?
Anderson ate all my Easter chocolate eggs.

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Howie Who?
Howie did you find what I bring for you on Easter?

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Bella Who?
Bella Ciao Easter

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Cops Who?
Please cop up because all the Easter eggs are stolen by someone.

Knock-knock who is there?
Rolling who?
Easter eggs rolling in the deep.

Knock-knock who is there?
Bunnies who?
Your boyfriend with whom I come.

Knock-knock who is there?
Cooking who?
Your husband.

Knock-knock who is there?
Christ who?
Jesus Christ.

Knock-knock who is there?
hop who?
Mike and Hank.

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