80+ Good Friday Prayers 2024 of Thanks & Faithfulness

70+ Good Fridays Prayers Quotes of Thanks & Faithfulness

Good Friday Prayers: Good Friday is one of the holiest and most significant festivals celebrated in every corner of the world. One of the most pivotal rituals of the Good Friday festival is to go to the Church with friends and family members, and chant prayers in front of the almighty about his glory, salvation, and sacrifices. On good Friday, take some time out of your super hectic schedule and offer your prayers to the almighty, and thank him for everything good in your life. Below is the compilation of the holiest good Friday prayers 2024, Good Friday Prayers Catholic, Good Friday Prayer Of Thanks, salvation, and faithfulness that you can sing during Easter weekend.

Happy Good Friday Prayers 2024

Lord, today I kneel down in front of you and express my thankfulness for making such a stringent sacrifice for the sake of the protection and salvation of humanity. I will praise your glory till my last breath.

May your grace and glory continue to renew and strengthen my faith in you. May you always reincarnate and protect humanity from the unscrupulous elements of society. God bless my soul on a good Friday!

Happy Good Friday Prayers

We all let you down then and now but your love for us never dwindled a bit. Dear Lord, command my soul and lead me to the path of love and truth. I offer all my existence to you. Bless my soul and protect the world from diabolical elements.

“Heavenly Father, on this Good Friday, we remember the ultimate sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Grant us the strength to bear our crosses and the faith to understand His profound love for us. Amen.”

I wish nothing more than your glorious presence and magical blessings to live my life happily. We all will forever be in debt to you because of the sacrifices you have made for us. I totally surrender m soul to you.

“Lord Jesus, as we recall Your suffering and crucifixion, fill our hearts with gratitude for the price You paid for our salvation. Help us to live in a way that honors Your sacrifice. Amen.”

Your love is boundless, my love is selfish. You give without any expectations, I give with the intent of receiving something. You always forgive us, I always hold grudges. O, great lord! You are my father and I need your support to live a respectful and glorious life.

“Merciful God, on this day of reflection, help us to contemplate the depth of Jesus’ suffering for our sake. Teach us to show unconditional love and forgiveness, just as He did. Amen.”

Not only you give us undying hope but also you taught us that age is never a bar to bringing a revolution in society. May your sacred light exterminate all my sins, hatred, anger, envy, and confusions. May God bless all my near and dear ones

“Father in Heaven, we pray for peace and reconciliation in our hearts and in the world. May the sacrifice of Your Son remind us of the cost of true love and the power of redemption. Amen.”

God didn’t sacrifice his life so that we can make sculptures of him. He died so that we can understand his purpose and carry forward his legacy and messages. He sacrificed his soul for a higher and noble purpose. May you forgive all our sins.

“Dear Jesus, on this solemn day, we meditate on Your passion and death. May Your sacrifice inspire us to carry our own burdens with courage and to help others with compassion. Amen.”

When Christ is at my side, Victory is bound to kiss my feet as long as my intentions and purpose are right. Dear Lord, may my heart and soul always be pure like your elusive and divine aura. Happy Good Friday!

“Almighty God, as we observe Good Friday, we ask for Your grace to understand the magnitude of Your love and the hope it brings. Guide us to live in the light of Your sacrifice. Amen.”

No one in the world can point the finger on the lord and say. “ you don’t know what I have gone through!” No one has suffered and bear more than God. He happily accepts everyone’s prayers or derogatory words yet he showers only bliss everywhere.

“Lord, on this day, we remember the darkness that covered the earth at the moment of Your crucifixion. May we learn from Your humility and sacrifice, seeking to bring light into the darkness around us. Amen.”

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. ~ John 3:16-17

“Heavenly Father, grant us the serenity to reflect on the suffering of Christ with a heart full of thanksgiving. May we appreciate the gift of salvation and strive to follow in His footsteps. Amen.”

For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his. ~ Romans 6:5

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“Jesus, as You laid down Your life for us, teach us to lay down our lives for others. May Your selfless act of love be our guide in serving and loving those around us. Amen.”

Everythign you sacrificed for us, Jesus
we are in debted to you forever
for our rise, you die
for our sins, you die
forgive us for our ignorance
now we follow the path of you
be with us forever. Amen!

“Gracious God, on Good Friday, we pause to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. Renew our faith and draw us closer to You. Let us live each day in gratitude for the precious gift of redemption You have given us. Amen.”

Your sacrifice we never forget
even with our tears and blood we can’t pay
for our happiness, you reap the tears of blood
you get crucified for firing off our thirst
oh the great Jesus Christ, the son of God, Amen!

Christ, you are our redeemer
you are our saviour
you are our path lighter
show us your light
take us under your shadow
and never leave us
bless us, Christ the God; Amen!

You brought light in our life
you brought freedom in our life
you brought knowledge in our life
you brought real God in our life
you brought love in our life
none be like you the Great Christ
you resurrected from die
you are the God benign, Amen!

You give us hope
you give us truth
you give us faith
you give us belief
Christ, you forever give us
may your blessings be always on us, Amen!

You got whipped for lies of us
you got whipped for the truth you told us
you got whipped for letting us free
you got whipped for teaching us fly
the Christ, our saviour; yet again you come for us after you died
may your glance be upon us forever, Amen!

He is the king
he is the son of God
he is the holy ghost
he is our lord
please Christ, take us to light from this darkness
for us you get crucified
yet you forgive the sinners
be for us forever, Amen!

You spread love when you come into our life
you turned our greed into kindess
you distributed butter and bread
you resurrected again for us
the great miracle of you
we pray every day to you
be at our home forever, Amen!

Not even death could hold you
even after death you live
your live in our heart and in this eternal universe
you give meaning to our life
you lifted us from miseries
may you forever lift us from down, Amen!

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Good Friday Prayers Quotes

May the unassailable glory of god beautify every aspect of your life and makes you a better human being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. May Jesus keeps alive the flames of burning love in your heart. Happy good Friday!

Dear almighty, we all commit unforgivable sins on a daily basis and you forgive all our sins with the utmost compassion. May your mercy and blessings always be with us. Happy Good Friday to all my near and dear ones!

Good Friday Prayers Quotes

Almighty! Even a tiny leaf can’t flutter in the air without your permission. On such a holy occasion of Good Friday, I bow down in front of you and beg you to accept all my prayers, forgive all my blunders, and keep loving unconditionally your child.

Dear Lord, I firmly know you never unheard the prayer of anyone. I don’t want materialistic richness, I don’t want to stick to any form of beauty, I just want to chant your name all my life and make it meaningful.

The world right now needs nothing more than peace and brotherhood. The quest to acquire wealth and envy have ruined everything. Hey Lord, I beg you to instill fine conscience and love in all humans so that the world can become heaven to live once again. Happy good Friday!

What is good in Good Friday is that it is the resurrection day of the Great Christ that he came alive after dying. Amen!

They try to kill you, they try to reduce you, they try to erase you; but you came alive after all because you are the holy spirit, the son of God. Hail Christ! Amen! 

God thunders when the blood of innocents get shed. On the day of crucification, the God wept and punsihed those who peeled your skin. But you forgive us all. In your light we all grow, let us be your children again!

Good Friday that led to the resurrection of Christ. It is the day benign and holiest holy as Christ with Easter delight. 

For the right he stands, for the right he died; for the right he resurrected again, and the right he shows that the one who walks on the path of right and truth could resurrect again.

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Good Friday Prayer Of Thanks

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you almighty for giving me the wonderful gift of life and all the resources to live it meaningfully, serenely, and happily. May your grace always be beautifying my life. Thank you lord for everything!

One of the meanest things about human beings is they remember the lord only when there is agony or failure in life. Dear lord, failure or success, happiness or sadness, I chant your name every moment regardless of the situations. Thank you for everything, almighty!

Good Friday Prayers Of Thanks

On the sacred occasion of Good Friday, I want to express my immense gratitude towards the almighty for giving me a beautiful life. I pray for the peace and success of the whole of humanity. May the lord’s mercy always be keeping us safe from malice and evil.

On this utterly holy day, may you bless all your children with indelible glory, never-ending love, and the boon to live a productive life. Happy good Friday!

Dear Lord, I am thankful to you every single day for making such a gargantuan sacrifice to protect humanity from the dark forces. I am a big sinner but you are the biggest holy force in the universe. May you give me ample strength to fight from malice. Thank you, lord!

With all our heart we thank you oh the Christ the great. You wiped our tears, you gave us faith, you are our charioteer. May you forever be with us! Accept our prayers!

May in our life always the day of Good Friday come that resurrect our faith again and again! We thank you Jesus Christ, our saviour for teaching us the valueable lesson of life. 

Even you lay the flowers in the path of those who betrayed and killed you. How much kind you are, such holiest of holiest soul youa are. May you redeem us from all sins! May you always show the truth to us! We thank you for letting us be the disciples of you. 

Let sing the songs of his praise and grace. Let sing the song of his kindess and love! You rise all and thank you him with belief and faith. May Jesus Christ be your father again and always because from death he came!

Here and there his messages and commmands spread all over again. Let the world know that Christ has come again. He never left us. It is all his ways to let us know that he is the real son of God. Let us all pray together and gather and thank you him for everything. Amen!

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Good Friday Prayer Of The Faithful

I pray to the lord to make human beings more tolerant, loving, and helpful towards their fellow brothers. May the Lord protect us from all the curses and give strength to love enemies as well.

My compassionate almighty, I will always be faithful to your creation and I will always be thankful to you for giving me such a fulfilling and blessed life. Happy good Friday!

Good Friday Prayers Of The Faithful

On the occasion of Good Friday, I remember all the sacrifices of the almighty and repent for all the sins I have committed till yet. I love you forever because only you can offer yourself to death for us. 

You are the cure for the most severe pain, you are the only one who can forgive us for all our crimes and unforgivable acts. With your endless grace and compassion, this world will thrive till eternity. Happy good Friday!

May the ultimate creator always walk beside me and protect me from going on to the wrong path. May you forgive all my sins and give me a conscience to perform only righteous deeds only. Happy good Friday!

From the dust he takes us to glitter
from crucifixion he takes to resurrection
from the unfaithful he takes to faithful
May your name always be alive in our heart! Amen!

Life he gives, life he takes
he is the shepherd of faithful race
let be your disciple
when you believe
all worrries he erase, Amen!

Christ says of faith and belief
these two pillars of resurrection from anything
may you have these
and all come to you
be our guide Christ, Amen!

May no worries us
may no hurry us
with your grace we have patience
may you forgive us for our sins, Amen!

You be there us forever
you in our heart forever
you never betray us
what we seek you give us
may no dark cloud come in our life
you the Christ, our divine life, Amen!

Good Friday Prayers Catholic

O Jesus, Who by reason of Thy burning love for us hast willed to be crucified and to shed Thy Most Precious Blood for the redemption and salvation of our souls, look down upon us here gathered together in remembrance of Thy most sorrowful Passion and Death, fully trusting in Thy mercy; cleanse us from sin by Thy grace, sanctify our toil, give unto us and unto all those who are dear to us our daily bread, sweeten our sufferings, bless our families, and to the nations so sorely afflicted, grant Thy peace, which is the only true peace, so that by obeying Thy commandments we may come at last to the glory of heaven. Amen.

Our Father, who art in heaven, sacred is Your Word. Your kingdom come, Your Words be heard on earth as they are in heaven. Give us today Your Sacred Word. Forgive our neglect of it in the past as we forgive those who neglect us. Lead us toward an encounter with You each time we delve into the Scriptures. For Your presence, Your power, and Your glory are ever present among us now and forever. Amen

Lord Jesus! You, Who in the most bitter moments of Your passion showed an ardent thirst for souls, grant that we may share in this thirst. Give us the light to grow in the knowledge of Your word and grant us strength so that, by collaborating in preaching this word at every moment of our lives, we may bring to You, through Your holy Church, and the intercession of Your holy Mother, innumerable souls who live far from the truth. Grant this so that with You, through You and in You, they may be reconciled to the Eternal Father, in union with whom, together with the Holy Spirit, You live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

O Jesus, it is not the heavenly reward You have promised which impels me to love You; neither is it the threat of hell that keeps me from offending You. It is You O Lord, it is the sight of You affixed to the Cross and suffering insults; it is the sight of Your broken body, as well as Your pains and Your death. There is nothing You can give me to make me love You. For even if there were no heaven and no hell I would still love you as I do!

Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, he who in his great mercy gave us new birth, a birth unto hope which draws its life from the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead; a birth to an imperishable inheritance, incapable of fading or defilement, which is kept in heaven for you who are guarded with God’s power through faith; a birth to a salvation which stands ready to be revealed in the last days. Amen.

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