50+ Happy Easter in Heaven Quotes & Wishes

50+ Happy Easter in Heaven Quotes & Wishes

Happy Easter in Heaven: Life is not fair to anyone. If you think it’s all about happiness, glitter, prosperity, and opulence, you are absolutely wrong. Life can give you unimaginable happiness in one second and it can dump all the darkness of the world in your life at another moment. It feels unpleasant when your loved ones are not with you to celebrate the most crucial and special moment of life. Easter is on the verge of arrival and you will definitely be going to miss your loved ones terribly while celebrating it. To remember your loved ones on Easter, we have come up with happy Easter in heaven quotes and wishes that will help you to pray for the solace and peace of the souls of deceased ones.

Happy Easter In Heaven Quotes

To all my loved ones who have lost their lives and residing in heaven, Happy Easter with heaps of love and blessings. May lord provide ultimate consciousness to your soul!

Happy Easter In Heaven Quotes

On the sacred festival of Easter, I am thinking about all those loved ones who are celebrating Easter up in heaven and pouring down blessings from there on us. Happy Easter in heaven! We all love you and miss you terribly!

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May the season of spring and Easter festival provide solace and the ultimate knowledge to all my loved ones residing under the shadow of God in heaven. May all my loved ones have a mirthful Easter in heaven!

I miss my loved ones every single day and at every festival because there is no fun and liveliness without them. May the Easter festival establish joy and peace for their souls in heaven!

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Easter is the festival to pray, to express gratitude, to rejoice, and to feast with near and dear ones. On this Easter Sunday, I pray for the peace of the souls of my departed ones. I love you all and happy Easter in heaven!

Wishing happy Easter in heaven to you! I know Jesus Christ would take care of you there but we miss you here also. We think you would celebrate your Easter best there.

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Even though our Easter is a little bit less without you. You early departed leaving us. Wishing you happiest Easter in heaven to you!

Happy Easter in heaven to our loved and dear ones! You are always under Christ shadow and his protective veil. We miss you here but we know you are happy there now.

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Your special things always remind of you and we know that we can’t forget you. Wishing happy Easter in heaven to you! You are in Christ’s hands now. Love you always.

Life is uncertain and anything could happen in it. How you went leaving us suddenly is so uncertain. Remembering and wishing happy Easter in heaven to you! You were my life.

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Happy Easter In Heaven Dad

Dear father, there is no fun celebrating Easter without your presence. I miss the peppiness you used to induce in the celebration and brought everyone together under one roof to amplify the fun and joy. Happy Easter in heaven to my dad!

From the deepest corner of my heart, sending heavenly Easter wishes to the great soul, my dad. I miss you like crazy and I wish I could bring you back just to celebrate Easter with us. Happy heavenly Easter, dad!

Happy Easter In Heaven Dad

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Dear Dad, I know you must be watching very meticulously to all of us from heaven and praying to God for our prosperity, peace, and well-being. May your soul experience the divinity under the tutelage of God. Happy heavenly Easter to my lovely father!

Hey father, everyone celebrates Easter without knowing the true meaning of this festival. But you were the only one who taught me the crux of Easter and how to celebrate it with outrageous joy without disturbing its grace. I miss you father and happy Easter in heaven!

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Happiest Easter to my father who is no more with me but whose teachings, love, and blessings always protect me and guide me at every point in time. Missing you dad on the holy festival of Easter!

You are the best father in the world and I miss you every day. I know you could not express your love for us but I know. You have celebrated so many Easter feasts with us but this Easter you are not with us. You have left us forever for heaven. Wishing you happy Easter dad in heaven! Always love you. 

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You had been always disciplined and reserved. You have done everything for us and given the best life. So many thanks to you. But your death was uncertain. We miss you. Wishing happy Easter in heaven to you!

You are the dearest dad, always have loved us and never shouted on us. Your way of treating us was friendly and we always remember you as our friend cum dad. Your demise was sudden. Love you forever and wishing happy Easter in heaven to you. 

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The only one complaint we had with you that you were a bit angry but not always. You were too much emotional dad. We miss your jokes. So earliest you gone to heaven. Wishing happy Easter in heaven dad!

Wishing happiest Easter in heaven to best dad! You were our hero and role model. We miss you deeply and heartily. Celebrate your Easter in heaven dad with all angels and Christ. 

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Happy Easter In Heaven Mom

No amount of blessings and gratitude are sufficient enough to thank you my mother for making every festival and moment of my life a blissful and alluring affair. Easter is lackluster and gloomy without your presence. Happy Easter in heaven, mom!

May the most powerful and sacred vibes of the Lord fill every inch of your soul with holiness and divine light. Maybe you are in heaven but nothing can stop me to send Easter wishes to my lovely mother who must be having a great time in heaven. Happy heavenly Easter, mom!

Happy Easter In Heaven Mom

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Dear mother, I am still trying to figure out how to make Easter more colorful, cheerful, and memorable without your presence. May the holy spirit of Easter and the divinity of the Lord bless your soul with the ultimate consciousness. Happy Easter in heaven, mom!

I am not the luckiest son in the world anymore because I don’t have my mother with me to share the frisky and holy vibes of the Easter festival. I hope you are experiencing the ultimate bliss in heaven. Happy Easter to my beautiful mother in heaven!

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A mother has the power to turn an ordinary day into a magnificent and grand festival like Easter for her kids. I thank god for giving me chance earlier to celebrate the divine festival of Easter with you. Wishing you a happy Easter in heaven, mother!

You were sensitive mother and loving always towards me. In your lap I have grown. I miss your touch and caring mother. I wanted to celebrate all Easters with you but heaven called you up. Wishing happy Easter in heaven mother!

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Wishing my dearest mother happy Easter in heaven! You are always in my memories and thoughts. You were generous and best mother. 

Your death created an empty space in my heart that could never be filled. I miss you mother. Wishing happy Easter in heaven my lovely mother!

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You are blessing for me my cutest mother. You have sacrificed a lot for me but left me too early for heaven. Your departure was unbearable. Remembering you always. Happy Easter in heaven to you! I know Jesus Christ is taking care of you.

Miss you mom! I wish you would be here with us celebrating this lovely Easter. Still wishing happy Easter to you in heaven! I know there is very grandest party in heaven. 

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Happy Easter In Heaven son

Dear son, my heart cries every moment because it’s difficult for me to enjoy the happiness and pleasures of life without you. With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I wish a happy Easter to my son in heaven!

I can forget everything about this world but I cannot forget the day you left your mother without saying a final goodbye. What would I do on Easter without you? I think God loves you more than I do that’s why he brought you back to heaven. Happy heavenly Easter, son!

Happy Easter In Heaven son

In the previous year’s Easter celebration, Jesus snatched you from me and took away the greatest gift of my life. I know you must be experiencing the superlative form of bliss in heaven. Sending you heavenly Easter wishes, my lovely son!

Easter is not about Easter eggs, chocolates, or Easter bunny. Easter is the best time to contemplate all the blessings and prosperity you have in life. I lost one of my biggest blessings but I am assured that your soul is in the protection of the ultimate power. May you have a zingy Easter celebration in heaven, son!

The piece of my heart is in heaven and cannot celebrate Easter this year with me. I wish I could do anything in my capacity to snatch you from the almighty but that’s not how life works. Hey son, may you have a blasting Easter celebration in heaven!

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Happy Easter In Heaven Daughter

With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, wishing my forever wonderful daughter a happy Easter in heaven. May your soul never experience sorrow when you see us celebrating any festival without you.

There is no healing potion in the world that can reduce the pain of losing you. You were the soul of every festival and you were the key reason behind every occasion being so memorable. Celebrating Easter without you is heart-wrenching. Happy Easter in heaven, daughter!

Days turn into months and months turn into years but nothing has been able to fulfill the space your demise has created. You were the charm and vivaciousness of our family and everything has gone with you. I wish you have a peppy Easter celebration in heaven!

Till my last moment on this planet, your name and prayers for well-being will always be in my heart. Even though you are not with me and I am accustomed to this truth, I still pray for the peace of your soul. Happy Easter in heaven, daughter!

Not a single moment goes, when your thought doesn’t pass through my head. I can’t do anything except cry and express concern for you. May God continue to bless your gullible soul in heaven. Happy Easter to my sweet daughter in heaven!

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Happy Easter in Heaven Brother

You were always there for me whenever I am in any problem. I miss you brother. Wishing happy Easter in heaven to you! I never wanted to lose you. Hugs and kisses to you. 

You have provided me with anything what I demanded. You were nice and always listening to me. I never ignored me. I really miss you on this Easter. I wish you would be here. Wishing happy Easter in heaven dear brother!

You were always a curious man, always seeking knowledge and mysteries. Only you understood me and no other better. Easter party is not complete without you. That’s why first I wish you happy Easter in heaven! I miss you dearly. 

You were astonishingly sharp minded man, intelligent and handsome. I always remember your cunning jokes. But you demise shocked and I miss you often. You used to our hero of Easter. Wishing happy Easter in heaven to you!

Wishing my dearest brother happy Easter in heaven! Only because of your care and encouragement I have reached and achieved success. Miss you always. I know the great father Jesus Christ is with you now. 

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Happy Easter in Heaven Sister

With all the love and heart wishing my lovely sister happy Easter in heaven! You are always afresh in my memories. You were lovely and totally a crunchy girl. I miss you sister, gone too early for heaven. 

Nothing without you seems so adventure. You are the world of mine dear sister but God wanted you up above in the heaven and taken you with himself. Missing you. Wishing happy Easter in heaven sister!

You were nicest girl, easy to talk and heartiest and kindest. You have taught me everything and I am forever indebted to you. But you left too early. Your death was shock to me. But your love is with me and I wish you happy Easter in heaven. I miss our Easter party together. 

You were the charm of our home. You were the life of our parents. You were the happiness of whole family. Missing my sister on the eve of Easter night. May his soul forever be blessed and she rest in peace! Happy Easter in heaven to you!

Happiest Easter in heaven to you my darling sister! I miss you darling. Your laughter always noises in my ears. You smile keeps me alive. Why you left me so earliest leaving all alone? Sending hugs and kisses to you in heaven also!

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